Accepted Papers

APPLICATION OF CEPSTRUM ALGORITHMS FOR SPEECH RECOGNITION, Anwar Al-Shrouf, Raed Abu Zitar, Ammer Al-hayri, and Mohmmed  Abu Arqub (Long paper)


A comparison of the effectiveness of neural and wavelet networks for insurer credit rating based on publicly available financial data, Martyn Prigmore, J Allen Long (Long paper)  


Learning Joint Coordinated Plans in Multi-Agent Systems, Walid E. Gomaa, Amani A. Saad, Mohamed A. Ismail (Long paper)  


A Comparison of Corporate Failure Models in Australia: Hybrid Neural Networks, Logit Models and Discriminant Analysis, Juliana Yim  and Heather Mitchell  (Long paper)  


Developing a Goodness Criteria for Tide Predictions Based on Fuzzy Preference Ranking, ALEXEY L. SADOVSKI, CARL STEIDLEY, PATRICK MICHAUD, PHILIPPE TISSOT (Long paper)  


Clustering On-Line Dynamically Constructed Handwritten Music Notation with the Self-Organising Feature Map, Susan E. George (Long paper)  


Automated Case Base Creation and Management, Chunsheng Yang,Robert Orchard,Benoit Farley,Marvin Zaluski (Long paper)  


Preserving Diversity in Particle Swarm Optimisation, Tim Hendtlass (Long paper)  


The generalised method for solving problems of the DEDS synthesis, Frantisek Capkovic (Long paper)  


Automatic Visual Inspection of Wooden Pallets, M.A. Patricio and D. Maravall (Long paper)  


Using Local Information To Guide Ant Based Search, Simon Kaegi and Tony White (Short paper)  


Cellular Automata Cryptography using Reconfigurable Computing, David F.J. George (Long paper)  


Granules and Reasoning Based on Granular Computing, Qing  Liu (Long paper)  


An improved Compound Gradient Vector based A Fast Convergent NN Online Training Algorithm, Zaiping Chen, Zhenlin Xu, Lian Li, Peng Zhang, Chao Dong (Long paper)  


Applying Semantic Links for Classifying Web Pages, BEN CHOI & QING GUO (Short paper)  


Subjective Labeling using a Pyramidal Representation, D. Bouchaffra, J. Tan (Long paper)  




Hybrid Least-Squares methods for Reinforcement Learning, Hailin Li and Cihan H Dagli (Long paper)  


Intelligent Operational Management and the Concept of Integration, Yvonne Power, and Parisa Bahri (Long paper)  


Theory and algorithm for rule base refinement, Hai Zhuge and Yunchuan Sun (Long paper)  


Feature Extraction for Classification of Caenorhabditis Elegans Behavioural Phenotypes, Won Nah and Joong-Hwan Baek (Long paper)  


Fast feature selection by means of projections, Roberto Ruiz, Jose C. Riquelme and Jesus S Aguilar-Ruiz (Long paper)  


Mapping Virtual Objects into Real Scene, Yi L. Murphey, Hongbin Jia, and Michael Del Rose (Long paper)  


SymCure: A model-based approach for fault management with causal directed graphs, Ravi Kapadia (Long paper)  


Color Image Segmentation in Color and Spatial Domain, Tie Qi Chen, Yi L. Murphey, Robert Karlsen, and Grant Gerhart (Long paper)  


  Faster Speaker Enrolling with Speaker Verification System Based on MLPs by Using Discriminative Cohort Speakers Method, Tae-Seung Lee, Sung-Won Choi, Sang-Soek Lim, Young-Kil Kwag and Byong-Won Hwang (Long paper)  


Agent-based implementation on intelligent Instruments, R. DAPOIGNY, E. BENOIT, L. FOULLOY (Long paper)  


A Parallel Approach to Row-Based VLSI Layout using Stochastic Hill-Climbing, Matthew Newton, Ondrej Sykora, Mark Withall, and Imrich Vrt'o (Long paper)  


Packet Transmission Optimisation using Genetic Algorithms, Mark Withall, Chris Hinde, Roger Stone, and Jason Cooper (Long   paper)  


Extracting Causal Nets from Databases, C.J.Hinde (Long paper)  


Computing Lower Bound for MAX-CSP Problems, H. Bannaceur and A. Osmani (Long paper)  


Infrared Sensor Data Correction for Local Area Map Construction by a Mobile Robot, V.Koval, V.Turchenko, A.Sachenko, J. A. Becerra, R. J. Duro, V.Golovko (Long paper)  


Policies for Agent Conversations:On the Specification and Implementation of an Agent Policy Language, Christos Stergiou, Geert Arys (Long paper)  


Improving the Efficiency of Genetic Algorithms Using Intelligent Fitness Functions, Jason Cooper and Chris Hinde (Long paper)  


Efficient Initial Solution to Extremal Optimization Algorithmfor Weighted MAX SAT Problem, M.B. MENAĎ,M. BATOUCHE (Long paper)  


Document Clustering based on Vector Quantization and Growing-Cell Structure, Zhong Su, Li Zhang, Yue Pan (Long paper)  


Measurement System of Traffic Flow Using Real-Time Processing of Moving Pictures, Hyeong-Taek Park, Tae-Seung Lee, Sang-Soek Lim, Young-Kil Kwag and Byong-Won Hwang (Long paper)  


Nurse Rostering Using Constraint Programming and Meta-Level Reasoning, Gary Yat Chung Wong, Hon Wai Chun (Long paper)  


A Rigorous Approach to Knowledge Base Maintenance, John Debenham (Long paper)  


THE GENETIC ALGORITHM FOR A SIGNAL ENHANCEMENT, Y. B. Kuandykov, S. A. Kim, L.M.Karimova and N.G. Makarenko (Long paper)  


Debugging VHDL Designs Using Temporal Process Instances, Daniel K¨ob, Bernhard Peischl and Franz Wotawa (Long paper)  


Deriving Consensus for Conflict Data in Web-based Systems, Ngoc Thanh Nguyen (Long paper)  


A Genetic Algorithms based Clustering Algorithm, J. Aguilar (Long paper)  


Intelligent Support for Solving Classification Differences in Statistical Information Integration, C.M.Jonker and D.Verwaart (Long paper)  


Supervised k-means Algorithm on Real-valued Data with Applications in Health, S. H. Al-Harbi V. J. Rayward-Smith (Long paper)  


Improving the Multi-stack Decoding Algorithm in a Segment-based Speech Recognizer, Gabor Gosztolya, Andras Kocsor (Short paper)  


Proposition of the quality measure for the probabilistic decision support system, Michal Wozniak (Short paper)  


  A new system based on the use of neural network and database for monitoring coal combustion efficiency, K.Ouazzane, K.Zerzour (Long paper)  


Efficient Pattern Matching for Non-Strongly Sequential Term Rewriting Systems, Nadia Nedjah and Luiza de Macedo Mourelle (Long paper)  


Clustering Hoax Fire Calls Using Evolutionary Computation Technology, Lili Yang, Michael Gell, Christian W. Dawson, and Martin R. Brown (Long paper)  


Supporting Collaborative Design in an Agent Based Environment, Weidong Fang, Mingxi Tang (Long paper)  


A Bidders Cooperation Support System for Agent-based Electronic Commerce, Tokuro Matsuo and Takayuki Ito (Long paper)  


Ontology-Based Knowledge Fusion Framework Using Graph Partitioning, Tsung-Ting Kuo, Yao-Tsung Lin, and Shian-Shyong Tseng (Long paper)  


SumTime-Turbine: A Knowledge-Based System to Communicate Time Series Data in the Gas Turbine Domain, Jin Yu and Ehud Reiter and Jim Hunter and Somayajulu Sripada (Short paper)  


An Optimal Coalition Formation among buyer agents based on a Genetic Algorithm, Masaki Hyodo, Tokuro Matsuo, and Takayuki Ito (Long paper)  


Dialogue Management in an Automatic Meteorological Information System, Luis Villarejo, N´uria Castell, and Javier Hernando (Long paper)  


A Blackboard-Based Learning Intrusion Detection System: A new approach, M. Dass, J. Cannady, D. Potter (Short paper)  


Diagnosis of dynamic systems: A knowledge model that allows tracking the system during the diagnosis process, Carlos J. Alonso, Caesar Llamas, Jose A. Maestro, Jose B. Pulido (Long paper)  


Maintaining Global Consistency of Temporal Constraints in a Dynamic Environment, Malek Mouhoub (Long paper)  


Extraction of Meaningful Table Using Decision Tree and Information Retrieval on the Internet, Sung-Won Jung, Won-Hee Lee, and Hyuk-Chul Kwon (Long paper)  


Evaluation of intelligent systems for the utilization of HAZOP analysis results, Perttu Heino, Kati Kupila, Shintaro Shinohara, Jari Schabel (Long paper)  


Bayesian Web Document Classification through Optimizing Association Word, Su Jeong Ko, Jun Hyeong Choi, Jung Hyun Lee (Long paper)  


Improving the predictive power of AdaBoost: A case sstudy in classifying borrowers, Natthaphan Boonyanunta & Panlop Zeephongsekal (Long paper)  




Using a Modified Counter-Propagation Algorithm to Classify Conjoint Data, Hans Pierrot and Tim Hendtlass (Long paper)  


Towards a Practical Argumentative Reasoning with Qualitative Spatial Databases, Jos´e A. Alonso-Jim´enez, Joaqu´zn Borrego-D´zaz, Antonia M. Ch´avez-Gonz´alez, Miguel A. Guti´errez-Naranjo and Jorge D. Navarro-Mar´zn (Long paper)  


Multiple Signal Fault Detection using Fuzzy Logic, Yi Lu Murphey, Jacob Crossman, and ZhiHang Chen (Long paper)  


An Application of a Genetic Algorithm to Hierarchical ATM LAN Partitioning for Scalable Operations, Dohoon Kim (Long paper)  


Visualising the Internal Components of Networks, Clinton Woodward and Gerard Murray (Long paper)  


Deductive and inductive reasoning for processing the claims of unsatisfied customers, Boris Galitsky (Long paper)  


Design and Implementation of Personality of Humanoids in Human Humanoid Non-verbal Interaction, Hiroshi G. Okuno, Kazuhiro Nakadai and Hiroaki Kitano (Long paper)  


Pitch-dependent Musical Instrument Identification and Its Application to Musical Sound Ontology, Tetsuro Kitahara, Masataka Goto , and Hiroshi G. Okuno (Long paper)  


A genetic algorithm for 1,5 dimensional assortment problem with multiple objectives, Tugba SARAÇ, Müjgan SAGIR ÖZDEMIR (Long paper)  


  HOW TO CREATE PRIORITIES IN GENETICS, Müjgan Sagir Özdemir (Long paper)  


Temporal adaptation strategy in Case-Based Reasoning, Sabum Jung, Minsung Kim, Honggee Jin, Keymok Shon (Long paper)  




Efficient Pre-Processing for Large Window-Based Modular Exponentiation Using Genetic Algorithms, Nadia Nedjah and Luiza de Macedo Mourelle (Long paper)  


The Study on Algorithm AE11 of Learning from Examples, HaiYi Zhang, JianDong Bi, Barbro Back (Long paper)  


An Ontology-based Information Retrieval System, Péter Varga, Tamás Mészáros, Csaba Dezsényi, Tadeusz P. Dobrowiecki (Long paper)  


UMAS Learning Requirement for Controlling Network Resources, Abdullah Gani, N.Abouzakhar, Gordon Manson (Short paper)  


State-Based Modelling in Hazard Identification, Stephen McCoy, Dingfeng Zhou and Paul Chung (Long paper)  


Knowledge Based Support for the Authoring and Checking of Operating Procedures, P.W.H. Chung, Q. Wen, J.H. Connolly, J.S. Busby, S. McCoy (Short paper)  


Application of artificial neural network for identification of parameters of constitutive law for soils, A. Nardin, B.A. Schrefler, M. Lefik (Long paper)  


A Concept of modelling PVC Batch Plant Using Object Oriented Approach for Safety Analysis, Datu Rizal Asral, Kazuhiko, Suzuki (Short paper)  


Data driven modelling of nonlinear dynamical systems using mixture of model framework, Slavco Velickov (Long paper)


Note: Maximum pages for a long paper is 10, for a short paper 6.