Travel Instruction

Most International delegates will be travelling via London Heathrow. Detailed information is available by following the link

Travelling to Loughborough University

However, the following is an overall guide to the journey which we hope you will find helpful.

There is a direct conection using the Underground Railway from Heathrow to Londan St Pancras station. There are regular trains from St Pancras to Loughborough.

Once at Loughborough it is relatively straightforward to get to the University.

You can travel from the train station to Loughborough University by bus or taxi, as indicated on

The train station is about a 10-minute ride from campus.  You can take a taxi to campus which costs about 4.  You can also take the bus which runs about every 20 minutes.

For IEA/AIE-2003 conference delegates arriving after 0800 on Sunday 22 June,
a 24-hour reception service will be in operation from the Whitworth village
reception which is the small tower block (approx 8 floors high) in the centre
of the campus (Village Park, WH building on the map,
Delegates arriving on Friday 20th or Saturday 21st, if you arrive between
0800 and 1600 hrs then the reception at Whitworth Village will be open.
However, if you arrive outside these hours then keys will need to be
collected from the gatehouse (i.e. the security barrier at the main
University entrance). Delegates are asked to make sure that if they arrive
by taxi that they ensure the taxi driver stops at the gatehouse and allows
them to collect their keys before dropping them off at their accommodation.